Mission Statement

The purpose of Mutt Mutt Meow is to offer love and care to pets while their humans are away, in doing so, we honor God and all of His creation. 

Mutt Mutt Meow donates 10% of proceeds to the following organizations:

United States Navy Sea Cadets
Friendship Circle
Ray Comfort, Living Waters Ministries
No Double Bogies Foundation
Various Rescue Groups, Nationally & Internationally 


Every pet-care professional employed by Mutt Mutt Meow, have passed a background check, possesses pet experience, and are 100% passionate about pets. 

Each Mutt Mutt Meow employee receives 24/7 support. The types of support they receive are questions answered and emergency back-up to care for our clients should they become ill or a pet in their care has an emergency, the other pets in their care for that day's bookings, are covered so a pet owner has security in knowing that should an emergency arise, they are covered while on vacation. 

Anastasia Svoboda


I first began working in the banking and mortgage industry in 1992. I know the industry well and I still run a mortgage brokerage, as my ‘day job’. Yet, it’s not my passion. I truly love being a part of the  process helping people realize their dreams of homeownership or to help them to refinance so they can have a breathable budget, and this keeps me in the game. However…it doesn’t get me excited to wake up in the morning and for the past few years, I realized something was missing.

NOW… If we talk about pets, that makes me happy! I first opened Mutt Mutt Meow in April of 2010, a small pet boutique in Newport Beach, CA and I was opening a second location in 2012 for grooming & boarding, yet some life circumstances reared their ugly head and towards the end of 2012; I closed-up shops and went back to the Mortgage Industry. After a decade, I realized I wasn’t happy and that’s when I decided to pursue my passion—animals! So, I reinstated Mutt Mutt Meow as a pet services business in Orange County, California. I am truly blessed to be able to spend so much time with all my clients. I swear, if people greeted each other the way dogs greet us (even though they just saw us yesterday), we would have world peace.



 I am originally from Hawaii and am now based in California; I offer extensive expertise, blending my communications degree from Vanguard University with a background in engineering and outside sales management. As a certified personal trainer with a passion for holistic wellness, I ensure tailored business support specifically catered to the unique needs of our pet care company. Whether you require operational guidance or strategic planning, I am here to support you and your pet's needs.



Hi, my name is Inanna, and I am a senior in high school. I have always been interested in being creative and new fashion campaigns. Last year I spent a couple of days at FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. That is when I discovered how much marketing and creating new ideas is for me. My mom recently asked me to start working for her as a marketing specialist, so I said yes. Besides marketing, I have helped my mom dog sit at our place and I have loved every single pet.

Miruna Ispas

marketing specialist Intern

Hello, my name is Miruna Ispas, and I am currently a senior in high school. My interest in marketing started in one of my high school classes focusing on media arts. My teacher taught me that social media is more powerful than ever, especially in this age, and how important it is for businesses to promote themselves online. I learned to navigate through applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, created and edited websites and created art and designs. Additionally, I have always been passionate about animals. I have been responsible for my dog since I was ten. I have taken care of many of my friends' animals and have experience with various pets.

Jordan W. TOm


Pet care services have been part of my life on and off since high school and as a part-time job while I attended college at OSU with over 20 years of experience. Now that my wife and I have moved out of California to Oregon, I decided to restart in the pet industry.

Having my wife team up with me gives the client two sitters instead of 1. Our house is a five-bedroom with an oversized fenced backyard. Dogs are on recess every 1.5-2 hours for potty breaks and playtime.

I’m a Loan Signing Agent and public Notary. My wife also works from home full-time in the mortgage industry, allowing us to give your pet attention around the clock. No pet is ever left unattended or alone while I’m away conducting notary work, which allows me to accommodate you, the client, and your pet, giving love and care when you’re not there.

Our objective is to give your dog(s) V.I.P. Treatment. We offer more private boarding and doggy daycare experience housing a low number of dogs at one time. All pets are allowed on furniture, and to ensure my wife and I have enough space to sleep, we have put two Cal king beds together for sleeping arrangements. We also offer a medium and XXXL crate for those who prefer crate sleeping. Otherwise, we will allow the dogs to sleep where they feel most at ease.