Pets of the month

Each Month,  Mutt Mutt Meow will have a "Mutt Mutt of the Month" and a "Meow of the Month"!

Pet of the Month families receive the following items: 

A $100 donation to a local rescue in their name.
A photo keepsake of their pet.
A free service 'on the books' valued up to $50.

march & April 2024: River
Despite being a 100lb Great Dane, River loves to cuddle up on his owners' laps while watching TV. River was rescued from a kill shelter, and now lives in a home with a cat that likes grooming his face.

march & April 2024: Zora
Zora is a playful and curious cat. She loves staring off in space and isn't afraid to approach people and give them a little kiss.

January & February 2024: Paulie
Paulie is an eight year old English lab. She is an extremely outgoing dog and is even trained as a service dog. Paulie loves joining her mother at work, taking long naps, and going on car rides. 

January & February 2024: Frosty
Frosty was renamed after adoption, due to his fluffy white coat and crystal blue eyes. Frosty is a good companion to the owners' other cat, and he loves exploring his house and dining well.

NOvember & december 2023: Greta
Greta was adopted by her owner after being given away four times, and they immediately bonded. The cutest thing Greta does, is sticking her nose into her owner's face to let her know it is time for their morning walk.

November & December 2023: keef
Keef was named after Keith Richards, but he just got relocated to another family. Keef loves his food and exploring his neighborhood. He is the most adorable chunky cat with the cutest meows.

OCTOBER 2023: Yogi
Yogi is a mixed German Shepherd. Yogi's first instinct when meeting another dog is to try to play with them gently. He is named after famous former baseball player Yogi Berra, and additionally, his floppy ears give sense to the name. He is a calm and friendly dog towards people and other dogs.

LILY'S owners fell in love with her after meeting her and her sister at a rescue in 2012. Lily's favorite game is playing catch, and with her excellent hand-paw coordination, she will jump to catch any toy and throw it back down to you. She is quiet but has a calming and unique energy to her.

September 2023: Brooks
Brooks is the cutest two-year-old Australian labradoodle. His owner fell in love with his personality and good temperament. Brooks recently moved to California from Ohio and is living his best life, enjoying scratches from his owner

September 2023: Jonie
Jonie stumbled upon her owners by strolling around their neighborhood, meowing for food. Ever since then, the talkative jonie has stuck with them. initially, her family thought she was a male, so she was named jonas, after Ducks hockey goalie jonas hiller.

August 2023: Apollo
Apollo has been a part of Mutt Mutt Meow for almost a year & is considered one of the "Originals". One of Aunty Anna's favorite memories is him sleeping curled-up in her neck when he was just a baby.

August 2023: Loki
Loki is one of the newest members of Mutt Mutt Meow. If I didn't know better, this little guy is the author of the, "Secret Cat Diary." (I am unable to find the original written by Bizarro Cartoon, yet the link will send you to a snipet.) This guy is mischievous for sure, yet so loving all at the same time.!

July 2023:
Mali was adopted 12/17/22 after being found as a feral dog on the streets in Bakersfield at approx. 7 1/2 Mos. She struggled with anxiety, fear and aggression. Mali became one of the Mutt Mutt Meow Pets in March of 2023. Her family has given her so much love, &  patience that she is learning what it means to be a family dog. She's melted our hearts, look at that smile. How could she not?